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Ballet Dancer


Centro Integral de las Artes (CIArt) and Danza Téllez (DT), in collaboration with Gala de Danza (GDD), began the project Danza que da Esperanza (DQDE), “Dance that Gives Hope", to offer a cultural education to children and young people with artistic talent who are living in vulnerable socioeconomic conditions in Los Cabos, Mexico.​

The program offer full scholarships to selected students that receive dance, art and English language classes. They also receive academic and psychological counseling and meals for the children.

The yearly auditions and selection of applicants are carried out on public school grounds. Currently the program has only children that go to school in the afternoon and attend DQDE from lunch time on.


CIArt and Danza Téllez know of the overwhelming artistic talent of the children and youth of Los Cabos community, mainly due to lack of knowledge and lack of opportunities they are unable to fully develop and realize their potential. 



DQDE's mission is to promote the creation of the arts and artistic education with the participation and collaboration of various contributors to improve the quality of life of children and youth of Los Cabos.


DQDE's vision for the next five years is to become the principal organization for artistic education of youth living in vulnerable socioeconomic situations in Los Cabos. Knowing that culture and education generates a better society. 


CIART and DANZA TÉLLEZ know that when a person is born with artistic talent, not only does it help in a professional career but it also makes positive life changes to their social environment.       


Identify within the student community of Los Cabos children and youth who are in vulnerable situations that have artistic talent; to promote, encourage and stimulate their development in fine arts, particularly in Dance, Music and Art History. Provide academic counseling, a program of Ethics and Values, and English.​

Maintain, promote, strengthen and expand an artistic training program, so that art is part of the fundamental development of the youth in Los Cabos.

  • Promote artistic creation and through offering programs and fundamental services of quality to build social awareness.

  • Position CIArt and Danza Téllez as an institution for social welfare through the promotion, creation, encouragement, research and education of art.

  • Strengthen the available options and quality of artistic training in the state of Baja California in both formal and non-formal education.

  • Consolidate the assistance and participation of the existing public, while generating new public, for appreciation and artistic creation in all its areas.

  • Create a model of participation in children and youth in all artistic areas that the CIArt and Danza Téllez offers, through workshops and presentations that involve this sector in the growth of society.

  • Encourage intercultural artistic programs and presentations with other countries.​​

With this project CIArt and Danza Téllez seek to establish and promote the professionalization in artistic education. The goal is to strengthen the importance of both art and academics in everyday life.



The project opened its doors on Monday, September 7, 2015. To date, thanks to the support of the community, 21 children continue to benefit from this program.

If you would like to support the program, visit, learn more about the project or have any questions about it don't hesitate to contact us!

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